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Gently Disturbed – AVISHAI COHEN TRIO – 2008

Due to various intervening circumstances (such as chronic procrastination on my part), I’ve been putting off this review for a while. But now I’ve finally got around to reviewing this. I’ve already heard this more than a few times, which is my usual pre-review hearing. Most of you who will be familiar reading this will … Continue reading


Blackfield II – BLACKFIELD – 2007

Right. My second Blackfield album in two days rounds off their discography. This one is substantially different from the first album, in that it doesn’t sound as much like a bunch of Porcupine Tree outtakes. This is primarily because Aviv Geffen finally woke up and decided it was time to contribute. One thing I’ve noticed … Continue reading


Blackfield – BLACKFIELD – 2004

I had very high expectations of this. Quite enamored with Steven Wilson’s genius in Fear of a Blank Planet and In Absentia, I couldn’t wait to try some of his other side projects like No Man, Bass Communion, Blackfield and of course, the very mysterious Incredible Expanding Mindfuck (that’s right- Mindfuck). The guy on the left … Continue reading