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Engraved Invitation-LUCID RECESS-2010

My first clue was the fact that you had to “LIKE” the band on their Facebook page before you could download the songs. No integrity. Minus a million points. The album cover reminds me of Seether’s Karma and Effect for some reason. Minus ten points. Then I saw the self-description of the kind of music … Continue reading

DESI ROCK / Heathen Beast

Ayodhya Burns EP – HEATHEN BEAST – 2010

Ok, I have a couple of confessions to make. Firstly, I’m not a huge listener of Black/Death/Extreme metal music. Sure, I do the occasional CoB, AxCx or Cannibal Corpse song, but Muse and the Chili Peppers are more my speed. Secondly, I’ve never really understood the proliferation of Christian imagery/wording in Indian bands. I find … Continue reading