DESI ROCK / Sonic Flare

The Final Beginning – SONIC FLARE – 2012

When I listen to some of my favourite musicians’ discographies in chronological order, the one thing that’s most apparent while album hopping is a consistent trend towards maturity. It holds true even during some catastrophic missteps and bad decisions (St. Anger, anyone?). It’s the reason why most young musicians (myself included) are so insufferable. Listening to … Continue reading

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Engraved Invitation-LUCID RECESS-2010

My first clue was the fact that you had to “LIKE” the band on their Facebook page before you could download the songs. No integrity. Minus a million points. The album cover reminds me of Seether’s Karma and Effect for some reason. Minus ten points. Then I saw the self-description of the kind of music … Continue reading

DESI ROCK / Heathen Beast

Ayodhya Burns EP – HEATHEN BEAST – 2010

Ok, I have a couple of confessions to make. Firstly, I’m not a huge listener of Black/Death/Extreme metal music. Sure, I do the occasional CoB, AxCx or Cannibal Corpse song, but Muse and the Chili Peppers are more my speed. Secondly, I’ve never really understood the proliferation of Christian imagery/wording in Indian bands. I find … Continue reading