Its cloberrin’ time!!! (At some other place, some times)

I don’ t think we have any readers left in the house after such a long hiatus. It really does seem that we are history in internet time, though its only been 13 months since we last posted here. Anyhoo, if you liked reading Baba T, I now contribute at The Wrestling Blog. As the name suggests, the blog is all about professional wrestling, and has dozens of great writers who are passionate about the art.

So far I have written about the value of pro wrestling in my life, why John Cena sucks, and a piece comparing CM Punk and Stone Cold Steve Austin. For fans of the current product there is plenty of other writing to sink your teeth into since except for me most writers write about the latest shows that have aired live.

Maybe I will feel passionate about music again like the way I used to. I feel completely burnt out on everything – you name it I have tried it in the past few months – Indian Classical, Flamenco, Old School Rap, Funk, Zappa imitators, J-Pop, K-Pop, Hollywood Soundtracmks, Emo, EDM, Indie, Arcade Fire and what have yous, heavy metal, alt rock, 50’s Bollywood, and everything in between. Its come to the point where I prefer silence. I try to remember the good old days when I used to feel that there is so much to discover, and now I feel that I don’t really need to see or hear anything, which is pretty sad because I really don’t have anything else worthwhile in my life. I don’t even watch wrestling, I just write about it using past memories and nostalgia.

So, I guess this is where I say goodbye to the blog. (Yeah, I know that only about 2 people in the world will see this post, I get it, stop making the jokes, ok?). It was a fun ride and this blog will serve well as a reminder of the good times I had when this world was still young and fresh for me.

PS – El Bajista, this blog needs you. One day I expect to be inundated with posts about all sorts of cool music about bass and funk and djent, complete with interviews with the coolest from Houston, TX. Maybe some guest reviewer will review your awesome pieces. That would be a complete circle.

PPS – Mostly I just wrote this post so I could shill my posts over at TWB because no one cares.

*drops the mic*


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