Death / METAL

Leprosy – DEATH – 1988

Time and repeated listens to the Death discography have altered my feelings and perception – I view “The Sound of Perseverance” as a functional but mediocre epitaph of this band with a few highlights – the real meat of Death lies in their earlier offerings – nowhere better encapsulated and expressed than on “Leprosy”.Leprosy_Album (1)

The Florida death metal band offer simple chromatic metal riffing – non cyclic song structure – brilliant lead guitar work which is equal parts atonal and neo classical in portions – functional drumming with entertaining sequences of blast beats back when they were used sparingly and at the correct time – and a healthy obsession for exposing the grim realities of life like, you guessed it – incurable diseases – disgusting deformities of the human body – euthanasia – and open caskets, things that mainstream would rather people forget and buy the latest party album only for $15.99. The bass is lucid, clearly audible and compelling – check “Born Dead”.

Music is a window to how we perceive life – the view here is not a nice or comforting one – but a harsh, supremely beautiful one. Simple, effective, compelling,  influential, enjoyable, cathartic death metal from one of the early first wave American Death Metal bands. Enjoy.

Recommended Tracks – Leprosy, Open Casket, Pull the Plug, Left to Die.

Baba T

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