Allman Brothers Band / BLUES / BLUES ROCK

The Allman Brothers Band-ENLIGHTENED ROGUES-1979


At the end of the day

The warm confines of my home

Call out to me

As I come close

The bed cries out in welcome

All the wounds and the salt

Rubbed away

And prepare for the war

Forthcoming the next day

I lie awake

As blessed sleep

Washes over my tired frame

Listening to comfort

Listening to the sounds of home

Listening to the Allman Brothers

I forget the meaness

And stupidity

That awaits me on the morrow

Because when I come back

Hurt and exhausted

I know

The slide guitar’s squeal

And the gruff notes of my friends

The Allman Brothers

Stay wide awake in wait for me

Luring me to sleep

Oh Hell Yeah!

Blessed Sleep!

-Coz I couldn’t think of anything else to write so I come up with a corny poem.Who reads this shit anyway………

Baba T

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