All the World’s a Stage-RUSH-1976

This is my favorite Rush record for a very simple reason : this one is all killer, no filler. YAY FOR CLICHES!!

Kickass live record.

No really, there is NO filler on this live recording, and this has the best parts of their early albums, namely Rush, Fly By Night, Caress of Steel and 2112. This displays Rush as the quintessential hard rock band of the 70’s, and dude, it has Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart and Geddy Lee on the guitars, drums and bass respectively. In 1976, Rush was hard rock power trio with killer guitar riffs, absolutely great bass lines, corny lyrics and the greatest drummer alive. What more could you really want from your life?

Other than somebody other than Lee on vocals, you ask? Yea man, that guy is a squealer, but no, check this record out for the most kickass version of their most kickass song “Working Man”, and a short, better version of the sidelong track, “2112”. Seriously, those are career highlights. What a great band! Plus, guitar players will orgasm on hearing Alex Lifeson on this record, the dude is rocking that Les Paul like nobody’s business. His playing is a little restrained on the studio tracks but here he just lets go without wanking off unnecessarily. This band’s live records, though a little on the “we are gonna play note for note renditions, yay!!” side, still contain the right amount of improvisation to make these worth hearing.

YAY for Rush!!

Baba T


8 thoughts on “All the World’s a Stage-RUSH-1976

  1. Hey! A nice review of Rush dude – and some great stuff in here; you have a great taste in music!! Very good blog and some amazing reviews and insights (i liked your Korn review too) ! I came here through another movie blog though – heroes of expression – which I suppose is also your blog. To be honest I was surprised at the contrast between the two blogs – your music review blog is like a breath of fresh air, while the heroes blog has some shamelessly plagiarized reviews (including a shameless copy paste of one of my own reviews – I am a professional film critic), which is how I found out abt that other blog of yours. I was quite taken aback initially, and then flabbbergasted when I found out that all the frikkin reviews in there are shameless copies from cinemoose, salon, New York Times (for crying out loud), just to name a few! Now its one thing to quote other people’s work, but then dont you think its at least semi decent to at least acknowledge the person who wrote that? Anyways, would appreciate a response very much.

  2. Hey Neil,

    Could you please point out the parts which are, according to you, ripped off (so to speak)? This is not said in an ironic manner, I really mean it, in earnest. Plagiarism is a serious issue and if somebody finds anything ripped off in any of the content created by me, I will take it up and erase the offending content.

    However, another important reason for this is that I do not write all of the content on both the blogs, as I am sure you must have noticed. There are a couple of other commentators who are involved, both at TDSR as well as Heroes of Expression. For this reason, I would need you to point out what you think are the plagiarized portions; if the same was written by me then we could take up the issue, but if the content was written by another writer, then obviously we will have to involve him in the discussion too, not doing so would be unfair, as I am sure you would agree.

    Glad you like the music reviews, and I would heartily welcome an intelligent commentator who can create or start a coherent discussion of the art critiqued on this blog, something which rather unfortunately, TDSR sorely lacks.


    -Baba T

  3. Baba T, thanks for your response. I realized on a closer examination that the plagiarized portions were on reviews written by a guy named Abilas D and I was not aware that there was more than one person involved in the reviews on the Heroes blog, because the ‘About us’ section only has your name – so I naturally assumed that you were the author. Apologies for making that assumption and mistaken allegation!

    Coming back to Heroes, Pretty much all of Abilas’s reviews are plagiarized quite cleverly, often times from different reviews – you can randomly pick a para from his reviews, google it, and you will see the original source. I will not quote the review that was ripped off from me, as I am pondering about potential actions I can take about that. But let me take certain other examples, which should equally prove the point. And I am doing this on this site, since you are one of the co-authors.

    As an example, to prove the point, I just randomly googled the para in the latest review of Batman Begins – “At the same time, Batman Begins is rich and resonant with a sense of mythology. It doesn’t wink at its pulpy source material, instead it elevates it, convincing you that there’s something inherently noble about putting on a mask and beating the living daylights out of criminals. And it is a brutal film. An initial, surprising burst of violence steels you for its visceral tone. It bruises, scars, punches your heart. In short, it’s Batman gone hardcore”.
    Original source :—4—batman-begins-%28200

    Another example of another para from the same review: The film doesn’t make you fall head first into a world of capes, spandex and manly jaws. It builds the Batman universe in tiny, logical increments. Bruce Wayne’s war on crime unfolds in a focused manner and by the end of it all you’re seeing Batmobiles and Bat Signals, but accepting them as absolute
    Original Source: Straight ripoff from the quote by the reviewer D.K.HOOD on the mania forums:

    The second last para of the Batman review is also a rip off from the same review forum.

    Okay, examples of where this has been ripped off from- lets move on to the review of the movie ‘Let the Right One in’ –

    Lets take the second para: “Leave it to the Swedish to revamp that and make them fascinating again. Adapted from his own novel ‘Let the Right One In’, writer John Ajvide Lindqvist and director Thomas Alfredson have crafted a unique vampire movie unlike any I have seen. Instead of the cheap thrills, loud action, gore and seduction, this is a movie that is smart, literate and deep. It’s a part horror film, part coming of age film and part love story, yet as they say, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”

    Original Source: Ripped off from CineMoose, an amazing film critic, IMO :

    I shall stop here, but hopefully you get the drift – you can pretty much look up any of the movie reviews – they have all been pretty much the whole review on that movie is ripped, including one of my own (unfortunately the author hasnt realized that there are trackback tools that allow you to see where your reviews/ posts are quoted elsewhere on the web) – which is what led me to this site.

    In any case, would love to read and comment on the art critiqued on your blog – so far I like what I see, I think you have an honest, refreshing, straight from the heart style of writing – often lacking in other reviewers (because they get wound up in technicalities in an attempt to impress) – so keep that up!!

  4. Baba T, I was wondering if you had a chance to review my response with your other collaborators. I would like to see the offending content removed from the Heroes blog. While I realize that you have not written any of the plagiarized reviews, I am not able to get any response on my comment on the Heroes blog (all it says is that it is awaiting moderation). Since you are one of the collaborators on the other blog, I would appreciate it if you could take it up with the other collaborators (if I were you I would do that, at the very least to dissociate myself from a dishonest blogger(s)). Thanks, Neil

    • Neil, I have been unable to work on this due to some other pressing obligations. I was frankly shocked/stunned (take your pick) by the outright cut-copy-paste method used in writing those reviews.

      What I have done is that I just approved your comment, and would be happy to approve any other comments or warnings you might care to post. Right now, my only concern is to delete the blog and salvage the material that is NOT plagiarized.

      -Baba T

      • I was also wondering if we could start communicating through some other avenue (preferably mail) – this page being a RUSH page and all.

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