From the Pits – KORN (5/09/2012) – Gurgaon

I have nothing much to add here. The band was pretty good and professional, but that is only to be expected. A few random observations…

*Their bassist (Arvizu) is really excellent, I’ve always said that Korn essentially is nothing but a monster bass riff, the whole sound revolves around the bass. That is why, their “MTV Unplugged” album is what they call an epic fail.

*The crowd was pretty good, though we had the usual idiots who prefer to get sloshed and smoke up, instead of you know, listening to the band they paid to see. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

*I marked out when they played Blind, that was pretty much the greatest moment of the gig.

*37 years on, “Another Brick in the Wall” is still a concert favourite, and Korn have integrated the song pretty smoothly into their set list. There is something about the chorus and the verses: I think the crowd had the deepest connection with the band during that song. The jam they played which segued into “Goodbye Cruel World” was excellent too.

*They used the bagpipes for “Shoots and Ladders”!!

*The bassist is a cool guy. As Bruce Dickinson says, the greatest musicians can pick out the guy standing at the back and make him feel that he is involved. This guy was able to do it.

*Again, I was asking a friend if he has ever heard the outro to Blind properly. People always miss that part out, and it was really awesome when they stretched and stretched that outro and let the people dance to the bass and drum interplay. Really cool moment.

*I was a little lost when they were playing the new stuff. As I said before somewhere, I don’t really listen to this metal dubstep thing they have got going on.

*It was pretty smooth sailing unlike last time when Metallica came to Delhi. Well organized.

* The barricade was broken because there weren’t enough people up front. It was almost a stampede to get up close to the stage. Fun times.

*More bands should consider coming to India early on in their careers and not when they are on the verge of retiring or when their popularity has waned in the US. Just saying. They will be surprised, that’s all I can say.

*So please, can we get Mastodon to do an Indian tour, please? Or will they have to play in some 200 capacity bingo hall?

-Baba T

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