KORN is Coming to India

Yep they are, and here is the facebook link where you can stay posted about tickets/venue/timings and so on and so forth. I am not so much a fan of the band, as I am a fan of their self titled debut which was kick ass, albeit, in small doses. I am not gonna lie, the first Korn song I heard was their cover of “Another Brick in the Wall”; it was so bizarre to hear Floydian subtlety reduced to staccato riffing, I was  hooked, leading me to check out their early stuff. I haven’t heard anything after “Untouchables”, but what the hell, this is a live show we are talking about, and these guys have the potential to make it an extremely fun rock’n’roll concert. Now if only they could get Rage Against the Machine and Pantera once we are done with this…..

Oh, and one another major attraction for me would be the opening bands. I really really hope that we get a killer metal act from the local “scene”, and not the scottish dunderheads who bored me to tears at the Metallica show. Here is the obligatory picture to get you pumped up, so make your excuses, outsmart your bosses, and count your leaves…….

Are you Ready? Oh no, I said ARE. YOU. READY!!!!! Pump those fists, fuckers!!!!!!

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