Try! – JOHN MAYER TRIO – 2005


Yeah, sure, you get to bang Jessica Simpson, and then feel that something is missing, asshole…..

Usually I would be loth to recommend an album with John Mayer written on it. However, this is the John Mayer Trio (John Mayer and a couple of other guys) who decided to play some smooth blues inspired pop and recorded the result live in front of a crowd full of girls who are absolutely wetting their panties. The guy is definitely talented on the guitar : witness the manner in which he reworks his straightforward pop ditties into profound, soul drenched, weepy, bluesy numbers (“Gravity”, “Daughters”), both of which have been my companions on many a rum diffused evening. The live setting creates the difference but still, credit where the credit is due. Mayer lets the guitar create the illusion of space, helped along with the rhythm section of course, and lets the notes float, if you know what I mean. Though there are too many upbeat numbers for my liking, and the album closer, “Try”, is unbearable, and I hate all the swooning females, I would recommend this to everyone, even all the non-John Mayer fans. The contemplative, clear and at times, gritty statement of the music on some of the tracks on this album qualifies this for my ‘sitting and drinking alone” days. Kudos John, for making something that people with a penis can listen to.

Recommended Tracks :- Gravity, Daughters, Vultures, Out of My Mind, Another Kind of Green, Somethings Missing

Baba T


2 thoughts on “Try! – JOHN MAYER TRIO – 2005

  1. Exactly, his live album with Steve Jordan, “TRY!” was basically the reason I got into the Strat sound, and has always encouraged me to play the blues with a sense of respect and tradition. I think of JM as one of the idols in the “new generation” of a guitar players, and I’m not ashamed to say he influenced me.

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