Freak Out!-FRANK ZAPPA-1966

Even if you do not like great tongue-in-cheek humour /parodies/social commentary in your music, you still gotta give this a spin. Skip Weird Al Yankovic, get this! Essential Zappa. On the other hand if you do, you are already a fan or you are missing out on a great album. I’ll skip all the commentary on the lyrics etc, because (a) people have already written about it to death (b) its better if you discover everything on your own without getting any spoilers. However (a) what a great anthem/opener is “Hungry Freaks, Daddy”? Talk about being spot-on, this song transcends jokes and commentary on 50’s music culture, and take a life of its own. (b) how awesome are the melodies on I Ain’t Got No Heart/Go Cry on Somebody Else’s Shoulder/How Could I Be Such a Fool/Any Way The Wind Blows? Even though the sarcasm is hot and spiteful, and the vocals and backing vocals are flat, without any emotion other than cyncism and mockery, these are just awesomely catchy songs man! (c) what an awesome blues rocker we have here in the form of “Trouble Every Day”?

The last track drags but what the hell, its a freaking double album. Essential listening, especially the first half, which is just non stop laugh out loud great music! Along with Hot Rats, my favourite Zappa album. Cannot compare the two since they contain two different sides of Zappa.

Baba T


2 thoughts on “Freak Out!-FRANK ZAPPA-1966

    • If by that you meant that Zappa was an interesting artist with different facets as compared to the mind numbingly stupid pop stars and hipster metal bands of today I’m with you….

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