Cruising with Ruben and the Jets-FRANK ZAPPA-1968

This the album where Zappa buries 50’s doo wop once and for all. Now me, I’ve never heard much of doo wop, having been born much much later, but from what I can comprehend, 50’s doo wop was the epitome of the psuedo individualization of pop music : corporate mass produced fodder for the suburban loving, mindless post WW-II, its-all-good-lets-buy-everything-in sight generation of the reigning capitalist centre of the world.

Well Zappa throws all of that into a wooden coffin, takes a drill and drills the ever loving crap out of all that, stomps on the coffin and buries it in a dark cold cellar a quarter of a mile underground. He already had done the groundwork for the burial on the epic debut “Freak Out!” but here he just sticks into it. Just look at the liner notes, with the fictitious story of a fictional caricature band called “Ruben and the Jets”, look at Zappa’s clean shaven ass on the back. He went all out with this one. The best tracks on here are better heard on the debut, which I’ll be coming to later. As for the album,its a good ironic laugh, a nice parody of all the doo wop cliches, but if you’ve heard it once, you won’t be hearing it again. It is safe to say that you can pass this Zappa offering by, without missing out on anything. However do take out a minute and check out the liner notes and album cover. Its hilarious.

Baba T


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