CLASSIC/HARD ROCK / Creedence Clearwater Revival


More of some  unforgettable  Rock’n’Roll. Combine this one and Cosmo’s Factory and you pretty much have the perfect playlist through the hard times, good times, long drives, exams, lonely nights, dull jobs, i.e. pretty much all of your life. Immortal stuff. Probably wouldn’t even bother to write about stuff this old and this classic, but these are just “those” kinda times. You need something reliable, trusty, true, emotional, sturdy and gruff rather than some of the new fangled bull shit. Simple, manly, guitars just puffing along, reminding you of trains, a vocalist earnestly belting out the lines “When I was a little bitty baby/My mama would rock me in my cradle/in them old cotton fields back home”, far far away from the pomposity and self indulgent musical climate of the present day. Even in my cubicle, I can feel the sun on my shoulders and the sky above. “Willy and the Poor Boys” remains the most straight-as-an-arrow (even by CCR standards), steady, 4/4, bluesy rock chug-a-thon in their discography, not a lot of improvisation, even by CCR standards, remember, their strength was churning true hooky countryish blueish rock hit on hit and not jamming/experimenting..not their forte dudes!! But full points for being for what they truly are.

Baba T

Recommended Tracks -This set of ditties ain’t as trippy as the stuff on Cosmo’s Factory, more straightforward, but I like it as much or even better when I am in the mood. I can’t honestly say that I am a very big fan of “Effigy”, it seems to take you one way and then John Fogerty does the switcheroo and takes the line the other way, and something seems to remind me of “Hey Joe”, but that’s all I can say…….


2 thoughts on “Willy and the Poor Boys-CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL-1969

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