CLASSIC/HARD ROCK / Creedence Clearwater Revival


You know something? For years I used to think that Cosmo’s Factory was a compilation album. Imagine my astonishment when I looked them up on wikipedia and found that this was a studio album. Just look at that track listing. It has everything good about this band in one great package. What else can I say? These guys are like the perfect combination of all roots music : folk, country, rhythm & blues etc but they are rock’n’roll, make no mistake.

CCR (along with Simon n’Garfunkel/Beatles/Zeppelin) is my home away from my real home (meaning that they have been home for me since 2006), they drip with nostalgia. I can smell eggs in the morning, freshly cut grass, the sunshine in my small backyard, the radio among other things (refer lecture here about the associative relationship between music and the human brain). It is familiarity personified, especially more traditional bluesy numbers like “Before You Accuse Me”. Other places we see late 60’s-ish, catchy pyschdelic improvisations on epics like “I Heard it through the Grapevine/Ramble Tamble” and then oh lord! we have the awesome, gruff, manly balladry of John Fogerty on “Who’ll Stop the Rain/Long As I Can See the Light”, the traditional CCR rockers, “Travelin’ Band/Up Around the Bend.” As for “Run Through the Jungle”, I don’t know what it is but I sure do know it is my favourite CCR track EVER! It is smooth, danceable as hell, motif after motif, groove after groove, just slip by you and before you know its through, just like that. CCR can make dancing so simple for the listener, you don’t even have to think about it.

Sweet, sweet memories. I have tripped on this like crazy-whether sane, stoned or drunk…

-Baba T

Recommended Tracks – If I had to name just two then it has to be “I Heard it Through the Grapevine” and “Run Through the Jungle.” A shout out to all the people who tripped with me on “Grapevine”, can never the forget the moments in my room, with that breeze and the forest view!! Pot ki jai ho!!!


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