Disintegration-THE CURE-1989

The Cure first got my attention with Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me a so called album which is actually a collection of songs displaying a variety of techniques of writing pop songs with the band’s usual trademark melancholy background. I was unimpressed with the songs that tended to be upbeat and bouncy purposefully expecially on the second half, however the good songs were really good. Anyways, Disintegration is the album that I would vote for as the band’s masterpiece.

When you ask for The Cure, you get the complete package; unabashed, over the top, creepiness. On this album at least they succeed in making it beautiful. You can instantly spot The Cure from afar. You see interwining minimilstic guitar lines creeping along underneath the consciousness, which never strike you as anything special on the first listen, with the gloomy, moaning understated male vocals? Tales celebrating broken hearts, lost love, nostalgia etc? Yep, its the Cure. Make no mistake though, I’ve never heard anything quite like this band. Its like you almost drown in the music, its heavy, infusing you with dullness and sapping your energy. It is a drug, and Disintegration provides lots of it in ample doses. See, The Cure is all about atmosphere, more than any other pop band; they are atmosphere with hooks and this album brings it all together, without disturbing the mood anywhere. No bounce, no stupid upbeat songs anywhere to interfere with my subconsicious which can continue building structures without being fractured by cheesy guitar lines. This is just the perfect little place to go to sometimes.

Even the hit single, “Love Song”, doesn’t disturb the turgid waters of Disintegration, but is able to build a esctatic pop song on simple guitar lines, which are weaved with deftness to create the illusion (or is it?) of depth. The release of “However far away, I will always love you” is awesome, and even though the lyrics could be for the most generic love song in the universe, they succeed because of the vocal delivery and because, hell, its the goddarned moping, weeping, tear wiping, shit throwing, never smiling Cure.

Recommended Songs – Love Song, Lullaby, Fascination Street, Last Dance.

Baba T


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