Anthrax / METAL

Worship Music-ANTHRAX-2011

I am sorry but this album sucks. It is a) derivative b) relies on pop hooks c) uses Bullet for My Valentine-esque techniques of going into a soaring chorus that doesnt make any sense within context of the song d) too long e) uses some neat lead guitar riffing to give a feeling of transcendence but the rhythm section sucks because it uses the same tired riffs for 6 minutes f) Fight em till you Can’t makes me cringe. I understand that they need to pay their bills ..but this? What happened to the Sonisphere and Big 4 concerts? At least respect your own legacy, man. Where is the crunch? Where are the incisive, cutting edge riffs? Where is the..oh wait, does anything else matter more for a speed metal band?


I understand that Joey Belladonna is singing on this album. He sounds old, weak, and there is not one memorable hook on this album. If any kid out there is trying to get into crunchy speed metal try Spreading the Disease and Among the Living. Also look at Practice What You Preach by Testament. Please do that and stay away from this if you really respect and worship music. This doesn’t sound right.

Baba T

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