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The Hunter-MASTODON-2011

…Aaaand they fuck it all up. See the thing is, in today’s world of metal, unless you are good or you are out. Finis. There is no place for “yeah the vocal lines are bad and cheesy, but they have got this cool guitar solo going on.” Cut to the second song from the album “Curl of the Burl”. The vocal line of “ooOOO OOooo OOO oye OOO” is something that Ozzy used to do in early 90’s and it doesnt help that the vocalist has retained the heliumishness of Ozzy. Wat the fuck is this bullshit they are trying to pull? All the vocals are weak and the lines are just wrong (I dont mean the lyrics, you nOOb). They mish mash with the rhythm section and just distract and fracture my brain not calm it and help it come together.

So we have gone from Riff based Metal to Proggish Metal to weak Modern era Hard Rock with a few metal-ish chord sequences and pretty power ballads (ala the title track) complete with fucking latter era Rainbow-Blackmore solos (even though they are the best part of the album)??? So the production and the little tweaks help pass the time of the day, but I DON’T want to pass the time of day with mediocre crap. I want to listen to the absolute best, and The Hunter is third rate modern butt metal. Take the song “Creature Lives”. It is like some f’ing pop generic pop song, where the vocal parts follow the terrible nursery rhymish guitars. It is like a kid taking “sa re ga ma pa” lessons. The majority of the chord sequences go in typical generic 3 Doors Down fashion from A to B to C back to A back to B and so on and so forth without displaying any real melodic progression or ideas.

Breathe. Slowly.  OK, so things are not all bad, but don’t ever talk about “Curl of the Burl” or any other vocal parts of this album. There are songs which are good, even though spoilt in large because of the rest of the album. For example “Thickening” has pretty good guitar parts that remind you more of “Oblivion” from Crack the Skye rather than whatever the heck they are doing elsewhere. “Spectrelight” reminds you of the Leviathan era, and it just might be the only true metal song with the proper grandeur befitting the genre, that I can actually recommend.

Except in some places the whole proceedings suck. It doesnt help matters that the album is so damn long that……wtf…I have better things to do, this doesnt sound right. Some good parts but the suck on others overwhelms all that. This is not an album I am going to be putting on anytime soon.

-Baba T


One thought on “The Hunter-MASTODON-2011

  1. I was less than impressed with this album but didn’t think it was all that bad. I was Mastodon-lite, a good entry point for those new to metal and Mastodon. If anything, it completely lacked any thing to “grab” me, a couple songs here and there were fun, but listening to the whole album from to back in one sitting was a chore, which was kinda disappointing because one of my favorite things about Mastodon is their ability to create ALBUMS. Hopefully their next album will go back to their older style of making a full fleshed out coherent album. There were no parts that made me go “WOW!!!” and a few here and there that made me go “heh, that was kinda cool”.

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