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Hammerheart is Blood, Fire, Death done on an even wider, more epic and grander proto-black metal fashion. It also signifies the birth of viking metal as a sub-sub genre in extreme metal. Refer the review of the preceding album. I’ve nothing much to add other than a few minor notes.

Quorthon should have entrusted the clean vocalist part to someone else. His voice sounds weak and struggles to make an impact which is fitting for the guitarwork and the unearthly male choir which lies buried underneath. Otherwise the songwriting is truly war like and magnificent. There have been many clones since but the TDSR rule is that the original equals the best. The ambience created is unforgettable and complements the whole viking concept and aura. Essential Bathory.

Baba T

3 thoughts on “Hammerheart-BATHORY-1990

  1. Great review, love this album and I do agree with the bit on the vocals, the leads are too on top where as the choir vocals are too far to the bottom, I’d love to hear a remaster of this Hammerheart. Even for the minor shortcomings this should be in the 100 metal albums to hear before you die list.

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