The Kick Inside-KATE BUSH-1978

Ms Bush has quite a story. She was accidentally discovered by none other than Gilmour. Yes, the Pink Floyd guy. He got a producer to record her demo tapes properly, after which she landed a deal with some record label. Subsequently, we got this, the self-assured and confident debut.

Please excuse me if I sound dry. Kate Bush is so overflowing with emotion that I just didn’t know where to begin. The whole album has got two things – her voice and piano. That’s it. She is extremely high pitched, a shrill tenor if you will, throughout, no exceptions. It’s like she got hold of one thing she was best at, and gave it to us without holding anything back. There is nothing mixed or uncertain about that voice. You can have sex with it, if you want, it is so naïve, as of a child who exclaims, full of wonder upon seeing something for the first time. It is as if a ship sailed into her view, as if she saw the horizon for the first time. It puts me in mind of a young girl freely roaming the green English valleys, picking fruit, coyly skipping when in sight of handsome men………pardon me, back to the review.

As for the songs, they are nothing like anything I’ve ever heard before. Part of that is because of the voice as described above; part of it is due to the unusual sense of melody that she has utilized. Take the best song on the album (arguably), “WutheringHeights”. You never know when that rich chorus (no other way to put it) is coming; it can pop up anytime, violating your expectations at every turn. In between we get a little bit of jazz, a bit of classical and a bit of traditional rock leanings (where we get the lead guitar replicating the vocal melody), we even get a bit of reggae on another highlight, the overwhelmingly happy “Them Heavy People”. If I asked you why this whole shtick sounds so good I doubt you would be able to point at any specific hook or be able to hum any song or even remember it even after listening to it 5 or 6 times. The thing is, some of this stuff is delightful.

Recommended Songs – The Saxophone Song, The Man With the Child in His Eyes,WutheringHeights, Oh to Be in Love, Them Heavy People

Baba T


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