METAL / Nervecell

Preaching Venom-NERVECELL-2008

sings in a childish voice *I got the autographed poster, I got the autographed poster*

Nervecell are a death metal act from Dubai. Yes, Dubai. Secondly, the production of this album doesn’t do justice to this band. It doesn’t make them sound HUGE. It is good and okay, but you have to see these guys friggin LIVE to realize the full brutality of that war cry they call vocals (Rajeh “James” Khazaal) and the crushing drums (David Haley). Perhaps I might be feeling this way coz I was almost standing next to them while they played this whole album and the guest drummer (Louis Rando) was absolutely fantastic, doing the devil horns gesture every once in a while, and saluting the fans by sticking his tongue out. The guys were very friendly, signed a poster for me and all. Plus I also BOUGHT the album. Yes, people. That shows that if I get the chance to put my hands on some good music I DO buy it. I am not a FREE RIDER. Perish the thought. The only reason that I download so much music using utorrent is that it ain’t available here. However I would like to bring notice to the fact that I had to download the album after all because the CD turned out to be empty.

Anyway, coming down finally to the music, as I said, Nervecell are death metal, veering more to the groove/thrash variety of Sepeltura rather than the jazz death or more technical variety of Death. There is not much variation of mood apart from the melodic intro “As they Reign and Slither”. The whole album is overflowing with songs which share the same structure/style/mood so don’t go in expecting tons of time signature changes or violins and female backup singers ala Meshuggah/Opeth/Mastodon or the like. However the songs have different riffs/solos etc which means that if you listen to this album 2 songs at a time, this band will completely blow you away. Their USP is that and the solos, which have the Middle Eastern touch and are very melodic and clean, if you know what I mean. The oriental touch to the solos make them mind blowing though.

However, you should listen to them live. That is when they really blow everything to waste and reduce the whole building to ruins.

Recommended Songs – Vicious Circle of Bloodshed, Demean, Haute Monde Facade.

Baba T


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