Artillerie / DESI ROCK


We have quite a lot of bands in India releasing albums on the net or through some independent record label (Demon stealer Records, Six Inch Nail Records). The Indian scene seems to be overwhelmingly populated by all sort of metal bands-most of them are thrash, death (the groove kind). Artillerie is yet another such thrash death metal band that have put up their first release, titled Eradefiled. The guitars are trebly and thin, the drums are, well, they are there, with the double bass and blast beats et all, the vocalist is in quite a rage, with the usual hoarse guttural rasps and screams like “WOOOOO OUHHHHHHH”, you know how it goes. There is some variation of pace like on “Temple of Zeus” when the lead guitar comes onto the top with a solo. Its all very competent and all, but if they are gonna catch my ear they will have to do a lot more for a jaded metal listener like me. I mean, in this day and age, I really don’t think we need any more albums like this. The album cover is generic. The lyrics are pure cookie monster piece of crap. The vocals are generic. The guitar riffs are…you catch my drift dontcha? To top it all of it goes on for a good part of an hour in the same vein. The variation of pace is generic. The lead solos are generic. Very competent and all, but I fancy that there are quite a number of bands very much capable of stuff like this. Nice guitars and all, but they better man up and start putting their skills to better use if they are gonna be making an impact on a scene with bands like Demonic Resurrection, Devoid and Kryptos . Move on.

Baba T



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