METAL / Suffocation

Despise the Sun-SUFFOCATION-1998

I am not a big fan of technical brutal death metal grind genre and have not heard much of the scene, Suffocation being one of the few bands from the New York brutal scene that I have deigned to listen. Not very attractive. That was the first response that they managed to elicit from me. It’s only riff based, no lead guitar any where, its all brutal, the drums serve as the backdrop, rather than driving the music, with the rhythm guitars doing all the dirty (read palm muted, detuned) work. Plenty of time signature changes. In short, the works. Do I like it? Well, its ain’t bad, in fact, I have come to like the title track, but its very inaccessible, with bad production values to top it off. It’s also very monotonous with very little variation and after 5 or 6 listens I have to admit that it must be a tough job being a technical brutal death metal fan.

This stuff lacks the groove of, say,Sepultura/Pantera/Gojira/Slayer (ok, so those are my favorite bands. I am not comparing the goddamn stuff!!) From what I gathered from web sources, Suffocation are the flag bearers of the genre (highlighted by bands like Cannibal Corpses/Cryptopsy who I have not heard, but plenty of people like to wear Cannibal Corpses T-shirts. I hear they write about bloody cunts and necrophilia.), but at the risk of being pounded to a brutal death by a fan, at this point of time I have to admit that this does not sound right.

Recommended Tracks – Despise the Sun.

Baba T



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