Edge of Sanity / METAL

Crimson-EDGE OF SANITY-1996

Which is basically one 39 minute epic song called Crimson. I would have hardly thought it possible to make an “epic” song in this genre of music; assimilating albums having the standard 7 minute (on an average) length song structure is difficult as it is, even if the album is brilliant. But a melo-death album with only one song and no breaks? It would have been risky if they were aiming for any sort of commercial success, but thankfully death metal bands hardly expect something like that so it’s not that much of a big deal, but, yes, it is (or was, I guess) a big deal. 

Thankfully though, Edge of Sanity kept the good thing going that had started with Purgatory Afterglow with another stellar Melodic Death Metal release. It is useless to discuss a 40 minute song at length, but in short it can be said that EOS have done a brilliant job. It not gonna blow your mind anytime soon, but it is brilliant. Repetition of key riffs and melodic parts, recurrence of awesome lead solos, wonderful “soft” interludes, Dan Swano’s clean singing, mixed with the brutal roars, it all came together for Edge of Sanity on this one. EOS realized that if they didn’t employ the repetition trick used in jazz/western classical music (in fact, all music) from time immemorial, the whole thing was gonna come down fast. And so metal heads ended up with their own melodic brutal death symphony, allegros and adagios to boot.

Recommended with some reservations; the reservations being that this is not very accessible stuff; if you are used to simple pop songs or Napalm Death-ishy grindcore, this might come across as a shock, but otherwise awesome stuff. Especially recommended for the fans of In Flames and Dark Tranquility and their ilk. Of course EOS is way better. Many aspects of the record will remind metal fans of the highly lauded and overrated band known as Opeth, with the gothic overtones complete.

Baba T



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