METAL / Sepultura


Before Chaos A.D, Sepultura were known as a pure thrash death outfit. In hindsight, while listening to Arise you can clearly see that Chaos A.D was the logical culmination of their career. For me, Arise is the epitome of the death metal style; any death metal band can look at Arise and take the musical values that are on full display here. Groove, to me is what defines metal music, any form of metal, be it the mirthless Norwegian Black Metal or the Swedish Death Metal style. The bridge between the normal verse-chorus structures here takes the form of an awesome breakdown-build up that makes my head go bang-bang. All the solos are perfectly incorporated and performed to perfection on a classical scale; dissonance is not necessarily the norm here. Sepultura, ye gods!!

To top it all off, I like the lyrics too and the style in which they are delivered. Short Sharp Simple sentences (I see the world, dead, DEAD!! I see the world, old, OLD!!) are barked out, absolutely no unnecessary descriptions of rat entrails and blown up cunts ala Cannibal Corpses, Anal Cunt, Exhumed etc, they give me the feeling of an organized rebellion, of white hot fury against the man (aka evil corporations, dictatorial governments, teachers, the system, etc). Sepultura were rebels with at least some form of an identifiable cause and more than an ounce of groove. This sounds damn right.

Recommended Songs: – Arise, Dead Embryonic Cells, Subtraction, Desperate Cry, Orgasmatron (Motorhead Cover)

Baba T


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