Live in Gdańsk-DAVID GILMOUR-2008

Live Time!! You all know Gilmour from Pink Floyd, right? He is the guy with those slow, long and extremely melodic solos, famous for his “sustain” technique. Well he went solo and made a few albums, the last of which was absolutely gorgeous and very diverse, in technique, feel as well as instrumental-wise. I’ll talk about that later. This is a 2 disc must own live set which he played at Gdansk, which was also the last live show to feature Richard Wright before he died in the September of 2008. The first disc contains all the songs from “On an Island” and it’s great and everything, but I”ll talk about that separately in the review for that one. Right now I want you to focus on the second disc which contains all the old classics from the good old Floyd days. The greatest thing about a live album is that sometimes the artists take the studio version, modify it and give their own interpretation of the piece, and hearing the Gilmour versions of the Floyd songs here just gives me a boner, I can say that. Wish You Were Here gets a absolutely fantastic piano reworking in place of the guitar, while the fade away portion of Echoes in the end is just off the hook. If I had seen this live, I would have died of the happiness. Absolutely sir. Keeping in mind the quality of the music on here, the fact that this is Ricks last time, the realization that we”ll never see Floyd live again, I pronounce this not only as sounding right, but a must own. Do not download this, BUY IT. Seriously.

Recommended   Must hear Tracks :- Wish You Were Here, Echoes, High Hopes, Shine on You Crazy Diamond.

Baba T


3 thoughts on “Live in Gdańsk-DAVID GILMOUR-2008

  1. this is a great disc set. but frankly, gilmours lyrics are on the verge of being silly. the post waters era of floyd songs are trashy songs from a lyrics perspective.

  2. on another note why not review the gilmour solo albums. he’d done two. one is is self tittled and the other is called about face…

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