METAL / Pantera

Vulgar Display of Power-PANTERA-1992

The guitar weilded by Dimebag Darrell is like a drilling machine which hammers away at your head. Phil Anselmo sounds like a grizzled ugly son of a bitch. The band sounds like hard rock just a hundered times uglier and stripped down. This came to be known as “groove metal”. Take Walk for example. It’s just a two note riff and still kicks so much damn ass, it makes me raise my fist and thump along every single time. Dimebag’s lead breaks are ugly albeit very melodic, proper scales and all. Song titles include “Fucking Hostile”. Tempos keep changing, sometimes it’s a slow thump along ground your butt into the ground, sometimes they break out into thrash and just roar by.

Perhaps the best review is given in the title itself, coz this is a vulgar display of power and often nothing else. Pantera could have been much better if they had not got carried away by the “Lets play fucking metal, and kick ass, melody and soft-loud dynamics are for pussies” shtick.  To see what I mean, check out the highlight of the album called “This Love” to see what they could do when not completely focused on “kicking ass”.  As it is, this is a classic album and a must own for metal fans. Classic 90’s metal. Get it now if you haven’t heard it. Even though I have never found Pantera a very consistent band, as the old cliché goes, when they rock, they rock.

Recommended Tracks: – Walk, A New Level, This Love

Baba T


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