DESI ROCK / Motherjane

Maktub – MOTHERJANE – 2008

Motherjane specialize in marrying Indian Classical Music motifs to Classic hard rock riffs, which makes them sound quite unique, at least to me. Song structure varies song to song, solos pop up unexpectedly, and intros almost always consist of some piece of sitar or tanpura, before the electric guitar riffs kick in. And all in all, it is a good experience!! No dissonance or abrasiveness present here, no sir. Well, except for some fleeting moments. It’s all melodies and harmonies, and you can play air guitar at the same time!! Now that is a great combination, isn’t it folks? These guys should sound great in a pub with a glass of beer in one hand, with the other hand high in the air.

I suppose that it’s a little remiss of me to finish talking about an album that is supposed to be a landmark in Indian rock history, that quickly, but, hey, the better the things are, the harder it is to talk about them. Gimme a break, man.

Recommended Songs :- Mostly everything, but my like of the moment is Mindstreet.

Baba T

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