METAL / Sepultura

Chaos A.D. – SEPULTURA – 1993

This is perhaps the only metal album I could give thumbs up to, based solely on the lyrics. This is one of the very few metal albums for which I had to keep the lyric sheet handy at all times in the beginning. This is one hell of an iconic album. A helluva album. If somebody asked me for an album which gives a big giant FUCK YOU to the proverbial MAN, in an intelligent and coherent manner, this would be it. Oh, fuck, I love this motherfucking son of a bitch album man.

This is one of the best metal albums your ears are ever gonna get bruised and hammered by

So by now you know that you this is one of the best metal albums your ears are ever gonna get bruised and hammered by, so do I really need to say that the riffs on this baby, fucking rule? Not all, but most. If you heard Sepultura on death metal albums like Beneath The Remains and Schizophrenia, you would know that Chaos A.D represented a stylistic shift musically, from pure fucking brutal thrash/death metal to a more hardcore groove metal style. In other words, they slowed down, and in my opinion, that has helped accentuate the riffs even more, which renders them even dearer to me. The riffs are not fly-by-fucking-fast-and-change-before-you-notice riffs ala all Inferior Technical Death Metal bands, but are Ground-your-butt-into-the-ground riffs ala All Great Metal Bands which just hammer themselves into your mind the first fucking time you hear them. Truly great stuff.  Oh, and Kaiowas. What a great Tribal Jam. They got the idea from Neurosis I guess, but so damn good. A nice change of pace too.

Recommended Songs: – Refuse Resist, Territory, Slave New World, Kaiowas, We Who Are Not As Others.

Baba T

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