Pretty Hate Machine-NINE INCH NAILS-1989

Popularly known as Industrial Rock, however, I would prefer to classify it under the “Alternative” label for now, and take a final decision once I am through with the whole discography, which is never gonna happen anyway. Nine Inch Nails is just another name for Trent Reznor, who used to work as a janitor at night at a recording studio, before sampling tracks and experimenting with abrasive electronic noises which recall the industrial music of that decade (Throbbing Gristle etc) and releasing the uber-successful Pretty Hate Machine, which is what I will be talking about.

Yea, its pretty good and a must-hear. Sold like a prostitute back then. Very consistent too. If you wanna know what its like, imagine this, if you made the songs on the album more pop oriented, with less intense bass, and removed the heavy, depressed voice of Trent Reznor, who keeps breathing heavily throughout, sped the whole thing up, well you would have dance album! Yeah!! Difficult to imagine, but this stuff is damn catchy and all that, very likeable at the first listen itself, and its all classic stuff ! Most songs follow the same formula except for the melodramatic “Something I Can Never Have” i.e. a strong, abrasive repetitive beat, with a depressed Trent.  And that’s pretty much it.

Recommended Songs – Nearly all, but make sure you check out classics like Sin, Ringfinger, Terrible Lie and Head Like a Hole. Bringing an all new dimension to heavy electronic music, that’s NIN for you !!

Baba T


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