METAL / Pain

Cynic Paradise-PAIN-2008

Take a repetitive metal riff. Some goth. Some electronica. Whee!!!! And that’s mostly what Pain is all about. FYI, Pain is the side project of Peter Tagtgren, the frontman of another Swedish metal band Hypocrisy, which I have never heard, which is quite OK by me. We have ghostly female sirens aka “The Singer From Nightwish”, trance beats ala Infected Mushroom etc etc etc etc and some cracking metal riffs. Whether you want to listen to stuff like this or not depends entirely upon your mood. Mood music, I call it. When I checked on AMG and Wiki, this stuff is called industrial metal by the professional music writers, the ones who are paid to write reviews. They are paid to do this, so they must be right. Industrial Metal, it is, then. In any case I am not an expert on the subject. I haven’t heard all that many genres of rock, especially industrial.

Well, I am very fuckin well not paid, so I can write whatever the fuck I want, and if I say that its nothing but a bunch of beats with some crackin metal riffs and call it Trance Goth Metal, I will, and that is the bottomline coz the fucking half owner of fuckin That Doesn’t Sound Right said so !!! And now its time for the exclusive Baba T feature known as, kids, SAY IT…………

Recommended Songs – Follow Me, I’m Going In, No One Knows.

And that’s goddamn right.

Baba T


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