DESI ROCK / Skrypt

Discord EP-SKRYPT-2010

This is the first CD review for which I have actually bought the CD!! Yea !!

You could call this Thrash Death Metal. Sometimes the speedy and catchy riffs and solos recall the thrash of yore, sometimes the convoluted song structures, abrupt shifts and the harsh growling recall the death metal approach of….just about every death metal band ever to have made a death metal record. That’s Skrypt from Hyderabad, IN. This is their debut EP, with a running time of around 20 minutes and four pieces of kick your ass into the ground metal. The production and mixing are good enough, but sometimes I could cry with frustration when the solo gets absolutely buried by the rhythm section, like on Artifice (which you can hear on Reverbnation right now!!) which also happens to be the best track on here, what with the kick ass riff around the 2:48 minute mark and the solo around the 5 minute mark. Soft, melodic interludes are very few and very short, almost non-existent. No wank-assery, nothing artsy. Pure stripped down metal. My problem with this and most of this genre is the abrupt shift from one great riff to another which makes it a little difficult to get into. However, such minor quibbles, I am sure, will not come in the way of metal fans while they enjoy Discord. Fans looking to bang their heads out should also look out for upcoming Skrypt gigs in their area.

Baba T


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