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There are no glosses. No melodic breaks. No piano. No orchestra. No female sirens. No flashy solos. No gimmicks. You either get the rhythm section right or get out. For the most part, Mastodon succeed, but this kind of approach to heavy rock album making results in tired ears, a headache and a longing for such hits as “Knowing Me, Knowing You” and “How Deep is Your Love”.  I can roughly state that the lyrical matter and concepts deal with some weird kind of Moby Dick fantasy about the deep waters, huge whales and sinking ships.  In the beginning all the songs will seem interchangeable, but some stand out due to the rampaging, heavy as shit riffs and fantastic lead guitar breaks. Recommended. Also has some Southern Rock-esque riffs clouding the airwaves in a couple of places.

Recommended Songs: – Hearts Alive, Megalodon

Baba T

5 thoughts on “Leviathan-MASTODON-2004

  1. Nice review succinct and to the point. This & remission are the two Mastodon albums that i have heard very little of & its their later albums Crack the skye & Blood Mountain to blame. But if one looks at their discography from Remission to Crack the skye i am amazed at the consistency of this band to get better & better. Mastodon has a unique sound which is what makes me love them all though it will take some patience to absorb the music & some songs can be very hard on your ears as you rightly said. IMO Hearts Alive is an epic track and one of Mastodon’s best till date(That outro solo is insane), this alone makes the whole album worth it. The only count on which they probably fail(not a problem for me) is in Lyrics, its pretty obvious these guys just threw it in after all the riffs & the track was laid out. However i really don’t care much as the riffs,sharp solos & drumming is insane enough to keep me occupied. Waiting for the reviews of Blood Mountain & Crack the skye which are much better albums IMO.

    • Hearts Alive is something eh? I hardly listen to Mastodon for lyrics..good lyrics are a bonus not a necessity. Working on Blood Mountain right now……havent heard Remission as of now, probably go to it once i am through with Crack the Skye……….thnks for following us!!

      • Its a very “meh” review for a really cool album, Mastodon always had that massive sound going for them.
        Anyways my favorites from this album…
        Naked Burn would top my list followed by Seabeast , Megalodon, Blood & Thunder.

      • aww. yeah. those songs are great. i checked em out

        and yeah, i will review crack the skye, but a little later. im real busy this month!!

        keep coming back and check out the older reviews!

        – el bajista

  2. Generally people who like that sludgy sound of CoC or Crowbar or Down would really like Mastodon’s songwriting….. btw u should review “Crack the Skye”… its got a superb concept

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