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“Hey man, redneck is cool!! Lets take up Southern Blues we were good at in the 70’s and take it rip roaring into the90’s!! Yo yo yo!!”  And that is what Allman Brothers did, i.e Greg Allman and Dickey Betts with a couple of other guys. They came back from the dead to produce one more album. Obviously for me this is not of the Idlewild South or Eat a Peach quality, but it still is good. Songs like “Good Clean Fun” rock hard, to use a cliché, however, are too generic for my tastes, the same goes for songs like “Let Me Ride” and “Low Down Dirty Mean”, however, we do have some good songs that should make the best ofs in a couple of years, if they haven’t already, namely the Blue Sky-esque feel good ballad, title track, Seven Turns, which is quite my favorite, and the pensive Gambler’s Roll, fans of Zeppelin’s “Since You Have Been Loving Me” take note of this song,  the greatest track they have made in their comeback so far, whatever I have heard of it. It has a great vocal delivery and when the piano answers the vocalist at the end of every line in the verse, oh yeah, its perfect blues heaven!! And the lead line in the chorus!! On the whole, I would recommend that you pick the aforementioned songs and get away unless you are a roaring blues fanatic.

Recommended Songs- Seven Turns, Gamblers Roll

Baba T

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