Lightbulb Sun-PORCUPINE TREE-2000

Their least “progressive” record, so to speak, if we speak in context of stereotypical notions of what is progressive since there are no lengthy, multi-part instrumental jams ala The Sky Moves Sideways, except for one (“Russia on Ice”, but then they have to maintain that proggy image with the marks, eh?), instead for the most part this is pleasant, guitar rock with lush keyboards and what I like to call the “Porcupine Tree Ambience”. In hindsight, this was the logical step towards the unique PT sound of In Absentia, which I see as the culmination of the first half of PT’s career. Some of the acoustic, understated filler on this album could have been done away with and doesn’t quite have the effect of “Heartattack in a Layby” from In Absentia, because the album pacing and track listing is not properly organized like on that humdinger, but these are mostly petty nitpickings, coz I have nothing else to do right now and have to make this review bigger, so that you guys feel that I am actually reviewing a record rather than writing one liners and tag lines. Just a touch of metal, here and there, for good measure, once or twice, for example in the excellent “Hatesong”, in many ways the precursor to the dangerous “Strip the Soul” that followed on In Absentia. It doesn’t have the variety of In Absentia, or the impact, but it is nice. A very worthy addition to your PT record collection.

Hahahaha, that’s what I come up with, after listening to this album for years….that its nice…..hahahahahaahahahahaahha……that is why, for asinine and incomplete discographies I recommend that you come to That (Doesn’t) Sound(s) Right, the new era of rock’n’roll reviewing, hell, we are the next Lester Bangs!! And as for this record, enjoy more of the PT ambience!! The dreamy guitars!! The dusk type atmosphere!! Perfect soundtrack for evenings in the countryside when the sun is sending its last rays over tired Mother Earth!! The almost whispered vocals!! Yay!!! Lets rock!!

Recommended Songs- Shesmovedon, Last Chance to Evacuate Planet Earth before it is Recycled, Lightbulb Sun, Hatesong.

Baba T


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