The Bends-RADIOHEAD-1995

It is one step ahead, in fact, a lot of steps ahead of the debut, Pablo Honey. But in the main it is still guitar rock. Nice Alternative guitar rock from the early 9o’s, that’s what it is. Emotionally, they are Radiohead. And you know what that means, doncha?? Our mechanical future and all that stuff. Alienation. Contempt for modern society. Basically they began as sad prophets singing and later on making futuristic songs, and then just kept getting better at the same. This was the start, so yes, the songs are not as good and dystopian as on Kid A, which I would say is the essential Radiohead, but still, some of the songs on here are among the best Radiohead ever wrote, and the best thing is, this is the most “catchy “ and “easy” album they ever made. Well, unless they get up one day and say “hey I am bored of this emo keyboard shit..lets get out and rock!!!”. And trust me at this point in their career, that is soooo not gonna happen.

As I said, this is very listenable, unlike later albums like Kid A and Amnesiac, which are a very hit miss for many people, and you only start understanding those with patience and regular listening. Those are not gonna hit you at the first listen. However, on this one, though the songs don’t make all that of an impact, and are very understated in a unique Radiohead fashion, you easily get into the thing. However, the song that deserves a special mention is the closer “Street Spirit”. It’s like with the last song they said, “hey, here is a taster of what the rest of the albums are gonna be like from now on, so say bye-bye to clean guitar riffs!! Say hello to piano, horns, trombones and our mechanical, ravished future!! We are the voice of the disenchanted, alientated generation of today. WOOOOO!!!”

Recommended Songs-Street Spirit(Fade Out), High and Dry, The Bends, Fake Plastic Trees

– Baba T

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