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The Best of-SIMON & GARFUNKEL-1999

This is the first, and I swear on everything I hold dear, that this will be the last compilation album that will ever see the light of day on TDSR. I am putting this on TDSR more because of the sentimental value it holds and its significance in my life, more than anything else; this is a personal review blog dammit, not a goddamn factory like AMG etc, therefore the rules can be bended from time to time. When I started listening to rock music I virtually lived off these compilation albums, and the first one that I bought was this. Simon and Garfunkel were this singer–songwriter duo from the States, and they mainly had their boom period during the rocking’n’rolling 60’s. I am sure you know them, if not you have been living under a rock. The songs are folky-pop heaven, as good as any you will ever hear in your life, as good as any made by the Beatles, Who, Floyd, Stones etc. You betcher!

They were not consistent or as prolific as those bands, nor did they experiment with different forms of rock music, sticking to folk influenced melodies and harmonies, in the 60’s pop style. Their albums are patchy in a couple of places, but darn it, when they wrote and sang, they wrote and sang like nobody’s business. In my mind, I measure the greatness of the band by the greatest songs it ever wrote, not by consistency or versatility, and therefore, according to me, Simon and Garfunkel stand as the epitome of great pop rock music. I know that is a controversial statement, but how else am I gonna draw flak? And we need to build our readership. HAHA!! On a serious note, though, I mean every word I say, so there.

Apart from the harmonies and the vocals which are dripping with goodness, we have the poetry. Damn. Each of the songs on this compilation can evoke a memory to me, they are like pieces of life. For example “Feelin Groovy”. Oh and that one, “Homeward Bound”. I sing that every time, on the day that I come back home from college. And “Bridge over Troubled Waters”!! What about that song, what? Absolutely dandy, man.

And the greatest of them all, “I’m a Rock”! So many times I have wished that I could be a rock. No love, no pain. I would be so safe. Before I start talking about each song on this disc, I am gonna stop and say that not only does this sound right to me, but this also feels right.

Recommended Songs-Every goddarn song on the friggin disc is a damn winner. Every one of ‘em. They all feel like…..home.

– Baba T





One thought on “The Best of-SIMON & GARFUNKEL-1999

  1. I do not have the CD, I make a point out of never buying “best of”’s since I usually own the originals, so I don’t know what songs are on it. But, if “Sounds of silence” fail to be on it, then it is simply not a best of.
    That song never loses its enchanting powers, and it has a real good chance of making me cry every time I hear it. Not because it’s sad, but because it is beautiful… and a little sad.

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