Judas Priest / METAL

Stained Class-JUDAS PRIEST-1978

Ah. Another exercise in futility. However, as El Bajista did note somewhere on this site, we are going to be completionists from now on. Well, not strictly, however, we do plan to put up enough albums to indicate the scope and depth of the career of an artist. This is all very well, when you review Aviashi Cohen or Shawn Lane or some such artsy bitsy stuff, but what do you do with people like Motorhead, Judas Priest, AC/DC, and Black Sabbath ? They are all great, as I have said in my reviews but what do you do? What do I say in each review? Oh yeah, this album came out in 19—and has a couple of ass kicking songs and they replaced their lead guitar player with X guitar player, and the last one was wimpsy, this time the amp is turned all the way up and they just want to kick ass, and the songs are about breaking out of jail and spending the whole night with sexy bitches and drinking beer and….

Well what? Seems a bit pointless. However, I’ll do this, just for you guys, yeah. This album came out in 1978 and kicks all sorta ass. If you compare this with British Steel, that album almost seems childish and though I was less than enthusiastic about that album in my review (written at a time when I was feeling down), that album was good. I like this album better, coz that one was too light and not as tight as this one, or as ruthless. The songs on here, though are meaner, leaner, and very focused. No throwaways and no letups. Just guitar riff after guitar riff. Tight, tighter, tightest. Even the “artsy” slow song, and there is only one (Beyond the realms of Death”) is great. By the way, that song qualifies as one of the best songs Priest ever came up with, AND is also on my Top 100 Metal Songs list, which I shall complete in the next 5 years or so, and publish it on this very site, so stay hooked and on the edge of your seats, coz I guarantee you that that list will be the best list ever, coz every song on that list will be a song for the ages. That’s why its taking me so much time to make it, cause songs that have the wherewithal to qualify only come up once in 3 months or so. And you know what the best part is? Each artist is only allowed one entry, so the list will cover almost all major metal movements in history, and there will be a lot of variety. A veritable paradise for the newbie rock fan, lost in the reams and reams of metal legacy. Yay!

Now that I am past the minimum limit required to for a review of an LP, I can end this review. Poof! Oh no wait. I came up with more bullshit to fill the page up, right till the bottom. You know an interesting piece of trivia? Listen to the song “Better By You, Better Than Me”. Go and listen. Right Now.

Done? Right. Now imagine someone shooting themselves in the head after listening to that. Can’t, right? If someone does do something like that, then they are assholes, right? Now imagine that someone, pathetic loser as he is, missing his head, with the gun all so close and all, and living to tell the tale. And then suing Judas Priest for incorporating subliminal messages in that song. Well, it happened. All of it. The only good thing was that the court dismissed the case. Nice going court. Hail the First Amendment !!

Anyways, as I said, in my opinion, this is THE Judas Priest album to own. And I like this way better than British Steel, cause that one was too polished and cheery for my metal head. Typical songs like  “Metal Gods” (We are the Metal Gods, We are bull and We are Cock) of a self-aggrandizing nature, don’t cut ice with me. And that is what British Steel was. A party record, and I do not like party records unless the record has “AC/DC” written on top. On the other hand, this is the shit that I look for in my metal records. Hard, fast, mean, dark and ironic. The thing man.

Umm, wat else. Oh yeah, the exclusive Baba T feature of “Recommended Songs” is up next wherein I go to the bother of picking the best songs from the album and “Recommending” them, so that you don’t have to download the whole album but can pick and choose, and download only the best. I listen to all the crappy stuff so that you don’t have to!!

Oie, and for those who haven’t heard, that leather clad ass kickin vocalist they have. He’s gay. That’s right, he’s a cocksucker!!

Recommended Songs- Better By You, Better Than Me, Exciter, Beyond the Realms of Death.

– Baba T


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