Bullet for My Valentine / METAL


Start with some hard nondescript 4/4 drumming. Add some catchy riffs (while taking cues from Van Halen) that sound “modern”. Use production in the studio to make the songs sound guitar heavy.  Put in some blastbeats and some harsh death metallish style vocals in between mostly clean deliveries. Let the lyrics be teenage mush. Let the opener be a rousing, anthemic rabble rouser. After every couple of rockers put in a 80’s rock power ballad (aka Poison, Ratt).

Catchy at the best, hackneyed at the worst

You get Bullet for My Valentine’s latest effort, Fever, served piping hot!! It is difficult to write much about a formulaic, steady going, stereotypical band like Bullet for My Valentine, who have believe me or not, taken the 3 Doors Down-Staind-3 Days Grace formula and added some metal gimmicks to make it sound heavier and ahem..”mature”, I guess.

Its not very bad, but then again, this kinda thing has been done to death, not only in the 80’s but also in 00’s. Might be a good download for a day or so, and might be listenable on a drive, once or twice, but that is the limit of this band’s shelf life.

Recommended Songs-Begging for Mercy, Pleasure and Pain

Baba T

PS- Though we at TDSR might have decided to concentrate on completing discographies of all the bands already up on the site, but at the same time, TDSR also aims to bring you reviews of the latest albums. Therefore expect some more releases from this year in this week.


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