4 Chords that Made a Million-PORCUPINE TREE-2000

This is not a LP or even a EP. Just a single, but what the heck? It has 3 brilliant, classic PT songs, in their golden age, released just a month, as a promo to the album, Lightbulb Sun, which album I shall be coming to, very soon. Only “4 Chords that Made a Million” is to be found on the studio album mentioned above, while I don’t know where “Disappear” and “In Formaldehyde” are to be found, hence a separate review for this “limited edition” disc. Heh. Just download it from the net. The above mentioned songs, showcase the mellow, plodding side of our favourite 21st century progressive band. Though they muffed up big time with the “Incident”, you can easily go back to the period of Signify through to Fear of a Blank Planet, where there is so much good material that it will make you puke.

Err..lets call it a great precursor to a great album.

Baba T

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3 thoughts on “4 Chords that Made a Million-PORCUPINE TREE-2000

  1. I am a huge PT fan and believe that ‘The incident’ was not as bad is being made out(Actually u guys are among the few who dislike it) by you. Of what i have read in the Cyber world fans are quite happy with the effort although whether its their best album is up for debate. This is a concept album in the truest sense that one has to listen to as a 55 minute piece(Very few songs that sound good when played in isolation unlike other PT albums). I also feel that it would take easily 7-10 iterations to start liking & appreciating. Brilliant drumming,vocals & songwriting by Gavin & Steven respectively make it one of PT’s best albums. One has to understand that a band like PT also tries to experiment and evolve as musicians and hardly care about fans or media’s wishes to choose their musical direction. As long as they make music which they like, with the kind of talent they have, its going to sound awesome and true fans will love it. Overall a wonderful album maybe not the best but right up there with the best.

    • Hey sid!
      first of all, thanks for coming to our site, even though our views are divergent. i hope you come again, and suggest something to interview.
      on to the review; i have been a massive PT fan as well, and their music was a huge, pleasant change for me from some of the consistently heavy shit i was playing. the heavy bits were great, but its the soft-loud dynamic, the production and especially the great melodies that i loved. in my opinion, the incident fell short, on all those counts compared the my favourites such as in absentia and especially fear of a blank planet.
      i just thought that some of the structures and melodies were a bit forced. that said, i have mentioned in the review that i quite like the second part of the album which has separate songs….partially because it recalls that dynamic. i get that a band has to evolve, and maybe its just me, but the epic didnt speak to me as much as earlier efforts.

      anyway, reviewing is a black art i suppose, considering how subjective music is…..for ever 1000 positive reviews, there will be one or two negative ones. i hope this one divergent review doesnt put you off from our blog for good! keep coming and spread the word.


      el bajista

  2. Hey el bajista,
    Don’t worry mate, i have subscribed to your blog and its one of my sources to find good music. I Love and concur with most of your reviews but may differ on some like ‘The Incident’ and that’s expected with music being a subjective thing as you rightly pointed out.Further you being a musician might have a better understanding of the technicalities than me and all the points you have raised about ‘The Incident’ are fair. Please continue the good work and review more new unknown but good bands(well known too) from different genres.I would love it if you could review Prog Metal band Mastodon’s new album Crack The Skye(i was blown away by it). Great site, will definitely pass it on to my friends.

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