You (Radio Gnome Invisible Pt 3)-GONG-1974

Let me try and give you an idea of how Gong sounded back in 1974. Imagine the soundtrack of a 70’s sci-fi movie where you can see that all the sets are made out of cardboard. Imagine a sound so dated that in a couple of years from now, the tape would be qualified for storage in a museum. Imagine corny saxophones over corny synths which were cool, back in, err, 1973 I guess?

There is supposed to be some concept. Bah!!

Even that wouldn’t be a criterion to put down this album, if the songs themselves had hooks. But they sound like the psychedelic era Spinal Tap, and if you don’t understand that, it means that I am putting the album down and marking it in my “Don’t hear this again” folder. But you have to see Spinal Tap the movie!! You just gotta!! It’s great!!

The first 15 minutes of this thing has nothing but filler pieces each spanning 2 minutes, all having names like “Pot Headed Pixies” and not worth my time. It’s the part where I suppose they are trying to be cool and cute. Ewww.  It’s only the last part of the album that sees something going. We have some sax and jazz oriented jamming on what is my pick for the best track, The Isle of Everywhere, which is really the only track I will ever want to listen to again. At least that piece is coherent, if not very memorable. The album is very poorly planned, with the short pieces all in the front, having no flow whatsoever, and with the jams at the end. They do not want to make me listen to the album as a whole. The stop, start, doodle go and stop technique used by them on “You Never Blow Yr Trip Forever” irritates me further. If I want coherent space-rock I would pick Hawkwind over this mess any day.

Not good. This hasn’t stood the test of time. Now I am off to listen to some King Crimson, who, thankfully, have aged very well.

Baba T


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