Amy Winehouse / RnB / SOUL

Back to Black – AMY WINEHOUSE – 2006

Yes. Here is your metal correspondent bringing you the latest death jazz blackened stoner rock classic…..oh no wait a minute it’s that drunkard attention seeking soul singer Amy Winehouse!!

And is she sassy or what? I hardly ever listen to soul albums, but after hearing this I might go for more of this stuff. With respect to music like this, the singer has a huge responsibility coz if she fluffs up her lines then its all down the drain. The backing music track is the thing she can play with, and plaster her bitchy whine all over it. That is exactly what Dear Amy does, and very well at that. Obviously she has got all the basics right, but more than singing it’s her personality and character which she has just poured into all of the songs. It’s like you can feel the story being told, and all of the pain is there, just told in a detached, ironic manner. The stories are mainly about rehab and breakups and relationships she’s had, but I enjoy them. It’s not the stories but the way they are told that matters. We have had umpteen love stories told about a man falling in love with a woman, but some of them stand out cause of the tasteful manner they were narrated in. Same here.

Explicit lyrics? You bet your friggin ass they are explicit. Explicit Emotion more like!!

My favorite songs would be the poignant title track, where the pain feels all too heartfelt, then the plucky opener, Rehab (They tried to make me go into Rehab, I said no-no-no!!), You Know I’m No Good etc. In fact, almost the whole album is very consistent, very good. The music has a 60’s vibe to it mixed with a modern feel, and a ton of influences on which I would refrain from commenting on, since I know very little about soul, Motown and R&B, which is the basic playground of the music on here.

Oh c’mon. Soul music is not about technique and nerds. It’s about grassroots life. In the same vein, my reviews are not going to be “this record has been influenced by the 60’s Motown movement of the Hillibillies and the 4th song has a fretless bass and time signature is 14/7 on the title track etc etc.” For reviews like that you can check out Pitchfork and All Music Guide and Rolling Stones and all those other shitty professional review sites, where I never get to know what the music is actually like. For simple, down to earth reviews you can check the site you are on right now.

And that sounds goddamn right.

(Basically that rant is to hide my own inadequacies, but what else do you expect? I am training to be a lawyer, and never ever expect me to admit to my own faults.)

Baba T

Drug Addled Celebrity?Yes.......Talented?Yessiree


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