Between the Buried and Me / METAL

The Great Misdirect – BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME – 2009

Between the Buried and Me is a progressive metal band from somewhere in the US and this is their latest effort. And I like it. Coz for almost the first 20 minutes of the record they had me paying attention, something which 95% bands fail to do. This band does their stuff well. They seem to be under all sorts of influences, from prog metal wank assery of Dream Theater to the hardcore death metal roots of Death. And then of course there is Black Sabbath who gave everyone this idea in the first place.

a birthday party in the middle of a child’s funeral

Bloated but good

Their music is your typical dense, heavy progressive metal with lots of tempo changes, harsh vocals and alternate light parts galore but done well. They alternate between the sharp and melodic parts to the harsh riffing parts well, and when the harsh part comes on, you know you are going to get the soft part, and you are waiting for it, because when they break out into the melodic part, it sounds great and gives you such a rush and feeling of release you know?  Also, there is this great hard rock part riff in the middle of “Disease, Injury, Madness”, lemme see, around the 6:20 mark, it kicks so much of butt!! The vocalist is your normal Opeth type, harsh and deathly in the death metal parts and quite a normal, sad type during the soft and sad parts. But do listen to that riff!! It almost sounds like they started up a birthday party in the middle of a child’s funeral!!


This album is kinda ok. Give it a spin.

Recommended Songs-Obfuscation, Mirrors.

Baba T

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