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British Steel-JUDAS PRIEST-1980

This review is only for the purposes of filling up the site/for people who haven’t heard metal since any metal fan worth his salt is familiar with the works of Judas Priest. Also this review is being written because I am bored with life and if I had something better to do, I would not be writing this useless piece of shit review, I assure you. There ain’t no reason for any person in 2010 to waste his time writing about Judas Priest, for Christ sakes. But all these reviews keep getting written because of completionists/dorks like me who have nothing better to do, no job/no girlfriend/no life to speak of so they live by sitting down at a laptop and writing about bands that were last significant in the summer of ’75.

Well here we are, and I might as well get on with it I suppose.  Judas Priest are important to the metal world because they had this then-innovative twin lead guitar attack blasting away in both the speakers plus they had Rob Halford who had great sing along choruses you could thump along too. The songs are short and to the point and absolutely no-frills. Not as in-your-face as Motorhead, but serves the purpose quite easily.

Coming to this particular album, aptly named, British Steel, (These guys are from Britain, get it?), the only song that I will remember from this one is the opener called Breaking the Law. This song is great and one of the finest Judas Priest songs ever. Oh and great lyrics too. And a great chorus. The rest of the album is a sort of let down after that, because we have cheery stupid songs like Living After Midnight and wannabe anthems like United which sound awful and I could do without these songs in my life, bad though it is, its not that useless.

Aren’t you already dead by the lethargy of this review? I myself can’t bear to read this bullshit twice. I think I need to go and get a life.

Baba T


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