Sigur Rós

Ágætis Byrjun-SIGUR RóS-1999

Has anyone out there seen glaciers, those mountains of menace and beauty, moving, so slowly that their movement goes unnoticed, awe inspiring at all times? I haven’t, but I have thankfully had the opportunity to hear the music of Sigur Ros, therefore I am not missing out on anything, because the effect is the same.

Yeah, that para is more like an eulogy than a review, but what the hell? This is my blog and I will bloody well write what I want to. Up your asses!! In any case, it is an established position in the music world that this album is one of the best of the last decade, and for once I agree. The ambient soundscapes of this album are just jaw droppingly good. They are so good and peaceful that I go to sleep every time. Every time. Not because I am bored. There’s some magic here. And the vocals, omg. Its only one guy but it sounds like a female choir and a whole orchestra rolled into one. Dammnit.

I know that you would love Sigur Ros too.

Icelandic Beauty captured on tape

Btw, I was just reminiscing about the time when I used to do homework. Remember when they gave homework like “write 5 sentences about trees”. Then I was remembering the days when I was ragged by my seniors. There was this game where we had to speak 5 sentences about the fan and then replace the word fan with cock or balls. That was really funny!! For example:

The music of Sigur Ros is incredibly beautiful. I listen to Sigur Ros every night before going to sleep. Sigur Ros is from Iceland where everything is white. Sigur Ros display a wide range of musical influences ranging from electronica to western classical. I know that you would love Sigur Ros too.

Now in place of “Sigur Ros” insert the words “my cock”.

-Baba T


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