Black Sabbath / METAL


Well, this is the one on which they are all drugged out. Paranoid and Master of Reality sold well, so Ozzy and gang decided to load up on the coke and acids. But the record company would have none of it, so they had to come up with something, and they came up with this mess of an album, which, mind you, has some of the best songs of their career. The only point being is that it has stinkers like “Changes” a friggin ballad and St Vitus Dance, an absolutely nondescript song that I am not going to attempt to recap, plus stupidities like “FX” etc. So yes, it is messy. Then we have “Laguna Sunrise” which is melodic and gorgeous and all that but it still qualifies as nondescript and forgettable.

This is the one on which they are all drugged out

Messed Up-both members and the album

There. Now that all the messy stuff is out of the way, I can tell you about the good stuff. The fun stuff. The guitar tone is still in place and literally rocks the butt out of you on songs like “Supernaut”. Yay!! Then we have the opener, “Wheels of Confusion” whose outro is absolutely great. And we have “Snowblind”. And we have….er…well that’s about it to tell the truth. I never listen to the rest of the album. Thumbs down from me, cause Sabbath failed to make a consistent album, even though some of the tracks have stood the test of time on their own. But again, those tracks are so good especially “Snowblind” a stoner rock classic that I really don’t mind. I don’t rate Black Sabbath on consistency after all!!

-Baba T


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