Black Sabbath / METAL

Sabotage-BLACK SABBATH-1975

This is consistent and artsy and heavy, in fact take everything good on the previous 5 albums and it has something from all of them, but that is not the reason I love Sabotage. I love it because it has the classic, mother of all thrash, “Symptom of Universe” on it. My favorite cut by Black Sabbath ever. Ever. And when Iommi goes all Santana-ish on us at the 4:24 minute mark? How awesome is that? Tell me about it.


But yes, we have the multi part, multi faceted Megalomania to give competition to the afore mentioned song. The guitar riff around the 3:31 mark? Its like they collaborated with AC/DC or Motorhead on that one. Nah, that’s disrespectful of me. These guys were father figures musically to all those other bands. You hear this and you will understand that most of metal/hard rock worth the name is inspired by our Birmingham Boys.

This album marks the moment after which Black Sabbath turned into Spinal Tap.

Then we have the blood raising fist thumpin opener known as “Hole in the Sky”. As I said it takes all the good parts of the previous albums and we get all of it in one package. We have the keyboards and synths used to good effect, and the vacuum cleaner guitar tone is back on “Symptom of the Universe”, but sharper and meaner. An appropriate phrase that can be used is “best of both worlds”. They are dumb and artsy here. Yay!!

Enjoy the goodness on this one, cause this album marks the moment after which Black Sabbath turned into Spinal Tap.

-Baba T


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