Black Sabbath / METAL

Paranoid-BLACK SABBATH-1970

The absolute holy grail of metal. This time around our Birmingham Boys are more focused and this results in leaner and meaner songs. No aimless riffing and bluesing around like on the debut. Just action and some more. This has all the famed classics, you know them all-War Pigs, Paranoid, Iron Man. The not so famed classics, unjustly so in my opinion-Hand of Doom, Fairies Wear Boots, Planet Caravan.

Metallicus Bibilius

Classic Moments:- Iommi’s grainy guitar solo on Paranoid, Ozzy’s vocals on the oft derided ballad; Planet Caravan, lyrics on Fairies Wear Boots, “Fairies Wear Boots, You Gotta Believe Me!!!”, the dumbness of the riff on Iron Man, the climax of the same. The album has almost no weak moments except for the drum solo “Rat Salad”, which I haven’t heard in ages, and you would be well served if you did the same.

This time, the Boys are more focused and this results in leaner and meaner songs.

I really don’t need to say anything more. This was the commercial peak for Sabbath. Notice the word “commercial”. Artistic peak? Might be. They are quite dumb and lethal, but I still prefer this album’s immediate successor, and yes, that is because of the monstrous vacuum cleaner guitar tone. This one is not that heavy. Otherwise, quite the peak for my favorite metal band.

-Baba T

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