Black Sabbath / METAL

Master of Reality-BLACK SABBATH-1971

Yeah, here it is. This slab of metal consists of the heaviest in the world of heavy metal. Of course we have all sorts of crazy metal bands now, claiming to be the “heaviest motherfuckers on the planet”, but really, when I really want to immerse myself into a heavy buzz, this is the motherfucking album that works for me.

What happened here was that Iommi cut his finger, so there was a small little problem that the band faced, how the hell does their star riffer play the guitar now? So Iommi did some shit with the guitar and hit upon this. For example, check out “Sweet Leaf”, the heaviest and best Black Sabbath ever made. It hits you somewhere in the guts and makes you sink like a stone, the goddamned guitar is so thick and dumbed down.

Christian they are

Then we have the thrasher of a song known as Children of the Grave, with a unique intro as we have Bill Ward going great guns on a percussion instrument not known as drums. It’s the only time I have ever given him a thought, but I suppose he was pretty good. The other highlight is the lengthy (for BS), Into the Void, which has a great guitar riff, so dumb that its hard to believe that it’s a human on the guitar. But then there always is Iron Man and Slipknot.

Black Sabbath are not as dumb as they are made out to be.

Just kidding. Into the Void is a pretty good song, and back in 1973, Black Sabbath were a pretty good band. They are not as dumb as they are made out to be. Another point to note is how funny it was that Christian groups protested against this band. Apparently they never read the lyric sheet for “After Forever”. Stupid Motherfuckers.

Baba T

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