Baroness / METAL

Baroness-BLUE RECORD-2009

I had never heard of Baroness, let alone hearing them, prior to this record which I downloaded in December. I cannot talk about any of their output before this album not having experienced that as of date of writing. Let me tell you, this record just came out of the blue (pun intended) and shook me up. It is one of the most uniquely melodic metal albums I have heard. Not that that is saying much, but still for what that is, that is what it is.

Lets put it in little points to clarify things and get on with it. As some guy once said, writing about music is like dancing about architecture, and I have realized that many a time when writing these ‘ere reviews. It’s no use writing too much.

Vocals- Guy doesn’t scream, but sings in a very satisfyingly melodic way and has quite a range, but is never high pitched. (Ronnie James Dio, I look at thee) Guitars- Heavy riffing, and no wanky plasticky solos. The lead is on top of the heavy riffing and keeps pace with it, so there are no “I’ll wank and show off and you guys keep pace with me. (Yngwie Malmsteen, I look at thee)  Album Pacing- They have little melodic interludes to start off, and stuff like that keeps popping up, but never sounds that it is there just for the heck of it, (Opeth…I look at thee).

Some guy once said, writing about music is like dancing about architecture.

And, yes, I know my vocabulary is limited and I am unworthy of writing reviews for the same blog on which El Bajista writes his poetic, accurate and satisfying thesis on rock music. Just Ctrl F my review and find out how many times I have used the word “melodic”.

All in all, one of the best metal albums of the past decade. Metal lives.

Na na. Metal thrives. It is alive and kicking. Unlike all other bullshit hip hop and teenage dance pop and rap and etc. Stick yourself up your ass.

Recommended Songs- Swollen and Halo, Jake Leg.

Baba T



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