Anaal Nathrakh / METAL

The Codex Necro-ANAAL NATHRAKH-2001

First, people who haven’t heard this band, imagine, or go hear, the most furious, angry, outrageous, ugly, overwhelmingly loud, drenched in dozens of dissonant distorted guitars type of music you have ever heard (except for Anaal Nathrakh of course).

Done hearing?

Well, then, if you want to imagine what this band is like, just amplify whatever you thought was furious, angry, outrageous, ugly, overwhelmingly loud, drenched in dozens of dissonant distorted guitars type of music which you just heard to about 1000 times and you have Anaal Nathrakh.

This is not for everybody. I can hardly think of recommending this to non metal people. To them I say, get some experience of other bands before you even think of approaching this band, not unless you want to be completely pissed off, and swearing that you will never hear metal again. (And we wouldn’t want that. Eh?)


Now that only my black metal bethren are here, lets get down to The Codex Necro. I have always maintained that fury and raging anger, loud guitars and attitude do not on their own make good music. You need chops. You need to write songs. I still maintain that. However, Anaal Nathrakh should be experienced once, because they are the extreme of extreme. The absolute ultimate as far as angry extreme black metal music is concerned. Drums can’t get faster than this, riffs cannot get more ugly than this. I give them marks for doing their stuff the whole way, there is no uncertainty or pussy footing around here. They are angry, well boys, point taken.

Next, what about the quality of their songs? Hmm, this is where it gets dicey. See, the album is so abrasive that it is almost impossible (for me anyways) to hear the whole thing in one go. It is difficult to subject myself to this. And at times I felt like panning them and rippin them apart in my review. Then I tried again and again. Well, till now after about 10 listens, I have come to the conclusion that there are about 3 songs that are worth the effort and contain some interesting riffs and chops, the rest, according to me is just an attempt to diminish your hearing. “Vocals” are by some guy with the psuedonym of V.I.T.R.I.O.L and, well its basically him screaming. Tortured Screams of a victim suffering the worst agonies of cancer might be an appropriate description.

Those “songs” (Hardly. I do not think the term ‘songs’ was ever intended to apply to this kind of music.) are- “The Supreme Neurotic some shit, “Humanity is Cancer” and “The Technogoat”. I have started to “enjoy” these songs. All because they deigned to provide some good lead guitar moments and tempo changes. Whereas we have songs like “Pandemonic Hyperblast” which exist only to overwhelm you by sheer force and velocity of guitar and drums.

Of course the point is whether this amount of effort can be put into “getting” such kind of harsh (now think of a synonym of “harsh” which means “harsh” but harsh x 1000) music. Upto you. As for Anaal Nathrakh, I have not heard their later albums, but if this was 2001 and they had just released this, I would tell them to update their songwriting skills, otherwise their act was gonna get old. Fast.

Recommendation-Only if you are desperate to hear some really really really really really really really really ugly and angry music. But no, seriously, those 3 songs I mentioned do have good parts.

Baba T


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